August, already!?

According to twitter, it has been 55 days since I updated...yikes!

Just poping in to say that soon (next week) I will actually have a full update. Hopefully with some scrap goodies to share.

I moved this past weekend so once I get settled and am done with work, I will be on to update!

Have a wondeful week!



If she wants to rock, she rocks...

I'd love to tell you the reason I haven't updated is because I've been so busy scrapping...but that would be a total and complete lie!

I'd love to say I'm going to make a conscious effort to try and keep up with this, but I cant promise that. I'm just having too much fun!

My life is amazingly good right now. I have so much going on and I never seem to stop. That however, has also been the reason I've gotten tonsillitis twice in the past 3 weeks and even had a mono scare thta, thankfully, after blood work results today is most likely not true. I find out Friday for sure but my doctor said its very unlikely that I have it.

Things with Matthew have been fantastic. We spend every weekend together and usually Tuesday nights/Wednesday afternoons. We go out to eat a ton. We go on road trips. We go on walks around town/campus. He comes down to my parents for dinner. I'm totally and completely happy right now I could scream. I always laugh when I hear people say "I've never felt like this before..." but laugh no more Miss Megan, you are now that girl who has never felt like this before. It just still so fresh and fun. I can't ever get enough of him and I love it!...and him. We took that step, which was awesome. The "I love yous" are so great to hear when you know they are completely genuine.

Okay enough about my love life...

I have a big trip coming up next week. On the 17th I will be off on a jet plane (eeekkkk! Insert nervous look here) to Florida. My Aunt invited me down to photograph my cousin's senior pictures along with 10 other clients she set up! It's going to be a photo packed week with tons of craziness. My Uncle works for Disney so I'm doing part of my cousins pictures there which should be amazingly fun! I cant wait to try out some fun techniques and get some good shots. hopefully all the girls are outgoing because that always makes a shoot way more fun.

I am also excited to bring my new Macbook which I am loving. I had to get one for school in the fall, my degree requires a Mac. I was fine with that though. Especially since they gave me a free 8GB Ipod touch for buying it!

Speaking of school, I am fully enrolled. My parents are going to e helping me A LOT. They are requiring me to take 6 classes in order to not need to keep a job. So...I signed up for 6 classes. A.K.A. I sold my life to Kent State University's Graphic Design program. I'm really excited though. I even have my apartment set up. My roommate is a good friend's boyfriend. We choose a town right between our two schools giving us each about a 15 minute drive. It's way better than the 30 minute drive if I commuted from home. We move in August and I can't wait!I've never lived outside of my home town before.

Okay on the the scrappies. I have 4 layouts that I've done in the past few months...which is horrible for me. It used to be 4 or more a week! But hey...I love life :)

The first one I did back in April about some things that were going on at the time. The second is about Spring and the top ten things I love. Third is the trip Matt and I took to Cleveland to tour the Great Lakes Brewery and drink some yummy beer. Lastly is just Matt and I being silly one night making faces...which always makes me smile :)

Okay I'm off to do some work. hopefully It won't be this long before I'm back but I'm not making any promises! :)


Is this what happy is?

Because if it is, I don't ever want it to stop.

I feel so alive. Like myself again. My life is flying by and I love it. College applications, work, family, searching for a place to live with a very good friend's boyfriend, and spending time with my new boyfriend. Yes, i said it, I have a new boyfriend. He's super cute and really sweet. Best of all, he makes me laugh. A lot. Family loves him. Friends love him. It's new, and scary, and so much fun!

Meet Matthew, blogland. Told ya he was cute :)

I've been scrapping too. Good ol' scissors, paper, glue scrapping. My desk is a disaster and I love it. Sometimes mess is good. So is creating. It's a good feeling, this happiness thing.

Other than that, I'm taking it one day at a time. Planning out school. Money. Job. Life. It will all fall into place eventually.

Until then, I'm having the time of my life, enjoying every day as a gift, which each day is. So I leave you on a good happy vibe. Smiles and sunshine and me being way more bubbly than usual. But I like it. I'm enjoying who I am and the people I have surrounded myself with lately. Oh, and being 21 :) More on that later in the week.